NEW! Liquid Lipsticks & "Undressed" eyeshadow palette

Hey VBabes....after many years in the makeup industry, especially with competition makeup.  I get asked all the time about which products I use.  Honestly I didn't like to answer that question, because it was several different brands, and some you could only find in pro makeup stores.  Making it difficult for others to find.  And on the other hand, I had many palettes where I only used a handful of the colors.  It has left me with many stacks of shadows taking up space and time.  So I have created this all in one perfect eyeshadow palette.  This is the first of my collections that I will be creating.  I hope that my makeup lovers, and fellow makeup artist can enjoy.  You will also see soon all my other products that I will be having available.  I can't wait to be one of your main stops for shopping! 

Thank you for all the love and support #Vbabes.